Live Workshops

Live workshops are conducted throughout North Carolina or at your company location upon request.

Coaching Clinic

Strategic Corporate Coaching Skills for Managers, Leaders and Coaches

  • Promote innovation and accelerate results
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organizational members
  • Improve organizational communication and team effectiveness
  • Deepen commitment to personal, professional and organizational goals

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A Brief Overview of a 28 Day Marketing Program for Consultants and Professionals


Session Includes:

Effective Marketing Strategies Goal Setting for the Service Business
The Universal Marketing Cycle Choosing Where to Focus
Tracking Progress  

Based on the best selling book by C.J.Hayden

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The Road to Success: Goal Setting

Expand your business potential and increase personal satisfaction in your achievements

Session Includes:

What Is My Focus? Goals Action Planner
Calendar Makeover Techniques Progress Tracker
Timely Tips and Resource Guide  

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Clearing Your Future: Get Organized and Get Focused

Session Includes:

Best Friends Clutter and Stress Break the Acquisition Cycle
The POWER of Being Organized The Ultimate Office Space
The 10 Minute Challenge  

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Mentoring in the Moment

To teach mentors how to turn ordinary moments into mentoring opportunities

Mentors or people who want to become mentors

Time Required:
1.5 to 2 hours

Mentoring in the Moment provides a framework that mentors can use to identify and respond to mentoring opportunities. This 20-item instrument describes mentoring as a journey with specific phases that unfold over time, each requiring a different type of mentoring behavior. The art of mentoring "in the moment" lies in accurately gauging where mentees are in their developmental journey, and then altering your responses according

Mentors will:

  • Understand the four phases of the mentoring journey.
  • Measure their effectiveness as a mentor in each of the four phases.
  • Discover three types of mentoring responses
  • Learn how to recognize and respond to a mentee's specific developmental signals.

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