What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful, collaborative relationship between a coach and a willing individual which enables, through a process of discovery, goal-setting and strategic actions the realization of extraordinary results. Coaches provide the support, encouragement, and resources needed for clients to set and achieve their personal and/or business goals.

There are several coaching niches that are relevant:

  • Professional or career coaching is targeted to people that work in corporate or small business environments
  • Business or corporate coaching is targeted to business owners and executives, usually with employees to manage, and their business issues
  • Self-employed or Entrepreneur coaching is targeted to independent or solo business owners

How does coaching work?

Consultants deliver the answers or solutions that clients need by thoroughly assessing the situation with a specific focus. Consultants usually have one or more relevant expertise areas in which they have academic credentials and/or comprehensive experience to lend to the engagement.

Coaches provide the questions and function as leaders in the discovery process which is completely focused on the client’s desired result. While coaches also have one or more relevant areas of expertise in addition to coaching skills, this may or may not be the primary focus of the work.

How is coaching different from counseling or other mental health professions?

Coaching does not encompass pathology, which is the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Certified coaches have the training to recognize indications that a referral to a counselor, mental health professional or other specialist may be needed.

Who hires a coach?

10 Qualities of People Who Work with Coaches
Achievement-driven • Action-oriented • Aspiring • Committed • Confident • Focused • Goal-oriented Motivated • Open-minded • Talented

Professionals who want more from life and value their own potential are very likely to seek the services of a coach. They tend to be goal-oriented and achievement-driven and have had more than one success in their lives and careers. Some have reached a point in their lives where a new direction is indicated and they want the benefit of guidance to move to the next level.

Business owners and executives are also acknowledging the need to provide focus on individual employees as well as teams as a way to strengthen their competitive advantage. Many companies hire external coaches and/or develop an internal coaching staff to support the needs of the organization.

Self-employed business owners and entrepreneurs value the added resources, experiences and insights that move them up the learning curve faster than they would have without investing in coaching.

What areas do people want to be coached about?

This truly varies by individual but the following general areas are common to many:

  • Career development in current job
  • Transitions to new job or to entrepreneurship
  • Leadership skill development
  • Networking skills
  • Personal/Professional goal-setting
  • Work/Life integration
  • Management style
  • Business launch/growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Time management
  • Presentation/Speaking skills

Why is there more interest in coaching now?

Our environment is in the midst of unprecedented change. In businesses around the globe management and employees are struggling to keep pace with technology, rising costs, competition, and labor shortages. In cities and communities growth is either coming too fast or missing entirely. In families each member has such a full calendar that even elementary students have pocket planners. We are bombarded with information 24 hours a day only to awake the next day with entirely new information. It’s no wonder that coaches are needed to create a safe environment to regroup and focus our efforts on what’s truly important to us as individuals or as organizations.

How does coaching work?

The first step for individual clients is to determine what they most want to achieve during the coaching relationship. After an initial discovery session, they engage in coaching sessions via telephone or face-to-face on a regular basis. Clients commit to the agreed upon steps during the coaching sessions. Follow-up actions and discoveries are completed by the client between sessions.

Business owners and executives define the expected outcomes from the coaching relationship and involve selected management or professional employees as needed. A custom plan of action is developed and implemented by the coach and the designated individuals. The custom plan may include assessments, development plans, or team coaching based the desired outcomes for the business.

What is different about The Coaching Connection?

The Coaching Connection supports professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to take their situations or skills to the next level. Clients have the benefit of working with a coach that has corporate functional experience combined with coaching expertise. Professional experiences at various levels in the areas of marketing, sales, finance, start-ups and general management add value and resources to the relationship. Additionally, coaching expertise as a Certified Coach Facilitator insures an authentic relationship whether one-to-one or with a team.

Who operates The Coaching Connection?

The Coaching Connection is privately owned and operated by Charlotte R. Farrior.

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